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Warning Sign No 2: Increased Power Consumption

Good quality Vertical Slurry Pump for sales
Good quality Vertical Slurry Pump for sales
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Warning Sign No 2: Increased Power Consumption


Slurry Pumps can consume a lot of energy; large units often move thousands of tonnes of material per annum.

Minor changes in power consumption are normal, but large changes may indicate significant disturbances in the process.


An unusual increase in energy consumption signifies the pump is working harder than necessary, which could indicate a number of different issues, for example system changes or worn/ damaged parts.


Conversely, a power decrease may suggest inefficient pump operation due to system changes, worn parts and changes in the product composition, such as density and solids content. It could also highlight other pump damage or blockages in the pump or pipe system.


During the parts’ life-cycle, it is normal for the power consumption profile of the system to change. However, excessive or sudden increases or decreases of power consumption could be a sign that your process is not working efficiently and requires attention.


Monitoring the power consumption of pumps is a good way to identify issues early, and also help diagnose and tackle them with minimal interruption to your process.


Tobee® Pumpprovide a wide range of condition monitoring services which have been developed to track all of the key parameters of mine and quarry process systems, including power consumption

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