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Slurry Pump Gland Packing

Good quality Vertical Slurry Pump for sales
Good quality Vertical Slurry Pump for sales
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Slurry Pump Gland Packing

Slurry pump gland packing also named gland packing, generaly we always simply called it as packing. Gland packing sealing is the standard form of sealing adopted for many slurry pump applications due to it's relative robustness, gradual failure mode and ease of maintenance. A gland seal is comprised of Stuffing Box, Lantern Rings, Neck Rings and Gland Packing and is used to prevent leakage of fluid, such as water or slurry, chemicals, between sliding or turning parts of slurry pumps, but gland packing is a wearing parts that requested to frequently replace. So here it's pleased to mainly introduce gland packing.


The gland packing at the rotating shaft of a slurry pump is packed in a similar way and the graphite grease is used to accommodate continuous operation. Linear seal around the shaft is also known as a packing and is particularly in slurry applications.

Compared with mechanical seal, Tobee® gland packing seal has simple structure, no need to remove pump head when replacing packing, so more convenient maintenance and lower cost.


Tobee® Explaining Gland packing, Expeller seal and Mechanical seals in detail:


Slurry Pump Gland Packing

Slurry Pump Packing Parts Codes and Material Codes:


Basic code

Q05 Code

Q05A Code

Q21 Code

Q22 Code

X06 Code


A111 - Q05

A111 - Q05A

A111 - Q21

A111 - Q22

A111 - X06


B111 - Q05

B111 - Q05A

B111 - Q21

B111 - Q22

B111 - X06


BSC111 - Q05

BSC111 - Q05A

BSC111 - Q21

BSC111 - Q22

BSC111 - X06


C111 - Q05

C111 - Q05A

C111 - Q21

C111 - Q22

C111 - X06


CH111 - Q05

CH111 - Q05A

CH111 - Q21

CH111 - Q22

CH111 - X06


D111 - Q05

D111 - Q05A

D111 - Q21

D111 - Q22

D111 - X06


E111 - Q05

E111 - Q05A

E111 - Q21

E111 - Q22

E111 - X06


F111 - Q05

F111 - Q05A

F111 - Q21

F111 - Q22

F111 - X06


R111 - Q05

R111 - Q05A

R111 - Q21

R111 - Q21

R111 - X06


S111 - Q05

S111 - Q05A

S111 - Q21

S111 - Q22

S111 - X06


G111 - Q05

G111 - Q05A

G111 - Q21

G111 - Q22

G111 - X06


H111 - Q05

H111 - Q05A

H111 - Q21

H111 - Q22

H111 - X06


T111 - Q05

T111 - Q05A T111 - Q21

T111 - Q22

T111 - X06


Tobee® Slurry Pump gland Packing:


Slurry Pump Gland Packing


Slurry Pump Gland Packing


Slurry Pump Gland Packing


Slurry Pump Gland Packing


Slurry Pump Gland Packing


Slurry Pump Gland Packing


Slurry Pump Gland Packing


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